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Car Donation Bay Area has some amazing local charities looking for generous donors with vehicles, regardless of condition. All of the pre-qualified local charities and nationally recognized organizations throughout San Francisco and within the Bay Area qualify as section 501(c)(3) organizations, making them tax deductible for Car Donation Bay Area donors through the IRS. With a minimum deductible amount of $500, donations are also beneficial for donors beyond the feeling of doing something good for society. Depending upon the fair market value of a vehicle and the actual price that a charity sells a vehicle for, deductions can range upwards of thousands of dollars as well.

For San Francisco residents, donating a vehicle can have a positive impact in local areas in their direct vicinity. Below are just a few of the local San Francisco charities accepting donations for funding purposes:

 Car Donation Bay Area Charities

  • Baykeeper - An organization founded in 1989, San Francisco Baykeeper works to reverse the environmental degradation of the past and promote new strategies and policies to protect the water quality of the San Francisco Bay.
  • Project Open Hand -An organization that provides “meals with love” to seniors and the critically ill throughout the San Francisco and Alameda Counties.
  • San Francisco Vegetarian Society - Provides information on the benefits of becoming a vegetarian for health and for humanity.
  • San Francisco Boys Chorus - The mission of the San Francisco Boys Chorus is to provide music education, vocal training, and performance experience at the highest artistic level to boys from all cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.
  • Volunteers to San Francisco Hospital - Donations play a vital role in supporting the people, programs and services at UCSF Medical Center.
  • Friends of the Urban Forest - Helps individuals and neighborhood groups plant and care for street trees and sidewalk gardens in San Francisco. This benefits the environment by cleaning air, raising property values, and reducing polluted storm water runoff.
  • Centro Latino de San Francisco - Helps develop a wide range of bilingual services to help elderly persons from diverse Latin American backgrounds who are poorly educated and low income.
  • KQED Public Media for Northern California - An affiliate of NPR, this radio station provides citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, engage in community dialogue, and engage audiences to share their stories.
  • Complete List of Local Charities - For a complete list of local charities to select for San Francisco vehicle donation, visit Donate Car USA.

Car Donation San Francisco

In addition to these diverse local charities to choose from, there are many nationally recognized vehicle donation charities operational in San Francisco including:

  • Kars 4 Kids: Benefits J.O.Y., a program that provides food, clothing, shelter, health and wellness, education, after school programs for Jewish children between the ages of six and eighteen;
  • Cars 4 Causes: A donation service that redistributes profits to over 16,500 charities of a donor’s choosing; and
  • Wheels for Wishes: Turns car donations into wishes for the local children of San Francisco and surrounding counties through its partnership with the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area; and
  • More Information: For a more comprehensive list of organizations to donate to in the San Francisco area, visit Donating Is Easy.

As always, donors are not limited to organizations pre-qualified as section 501(c)(3) charities but must take special precautions in selecting organizations not on the list. Always ensure that donations are tax deductible and check to see if there are any requirements regarding title transference or license plate removal. Because every organization varies, it is important to communicate with the charity that a donor selects in order to make the experience positive for both parties throughout the vehicle donation process.

With free towing provided from several reputable companies, donors can rest assured that their vehicle donations in the San Francisco area are going to benefit a great cause. Get donating today by calling toll free or filling out an online donation form from the charity of your choosing!

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